I am an expert in haute couture and innovative design.



I have been working for years in haute couture ateliers, projecting and creating dresses, together with designers and with a wonderful team of professional dressmakers.

Attending all the fittings, I check that every details of the dress are perfect and I listen to the clients, understanding their desires, in order to make them feel even more beautiful.

I also love to collaborate with young designers and help them realize their ideas; some project I worked on have been patented and won international awards.

Since 2007 I am a member of Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori; I received many awards for my couture abilities and I have the opportunity to share my knowhow and exchange ideas with other couturiers. 



Young Women Network



I have been a member of this group of energetic and smart women since 2016 and we enrich and support each other. This association gives us the opportunity to participate at coaching sessions, follow mentoring programs and of course share ideas and tips.