I grew up in the haute couture world, so I always look for perfection in a dress and in the way it fits/looks on a client. Working with a team of professional dressmakers has made me realize the importance of being clear and positive in my relationship with them. I am learning everyday how to stimulate my team and give them the skills to create couture dresses that make my clients feel even more beautiful. 

My target is to improve and to make more and more women love and feel themselves in the dresses my company and I make for them.


What I do in my free time




Notabag is a smart combination of a bag and a backpack. The idea came from one of my best friend, Adnan Alicusic, and after spending months of prototyping and testing together, we introduced it in December 2012 through the Kickstarter crowfunding platform and we had been supported by 1085 backers. Notabag's design and functionality is patented and won the German Design Award 2016.






Animals on your shirts.

My friend and graphic designer Giacomo created his own collection of printed materials, so why not producing cool shirts with that?! That is when we started working on the Radarizm project.






Accademia nazionale dei sartori



I joined the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori in 2007, participating at different competition and fashion shows. Not only I have been awarded for my work, but I had the opportunity to meet many of other "couture Lovers", exchanging ideas with them and having fun together!



Young Women Network



I have been a member of this group of energetic and smart women since 2016 and we enrich and support each other. This association gives us the opportunity to participate at coaching sessions, follow mentoring programs and of course share ideas and tips.