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When we talk about quality, we don't just mean the garment and its workmanship, but also the materials and yarns we choose with care, to ensure that pure and precious fibers are used, by companies that certify the protection and safety of workers, of the environment and consumers. All our suppliers are Italian companies, which select only the best yarns, treat and process them according to a Made in Italy tradition typical of the area, which they have handed down for generations. 

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Since 1963 Sesia Manifatture has been producing 100% Made in Italy yarns, with a continuous respect for the environment and in compliance with the laws in force on the safety and hygiene of workers. Sesia uses cottons from controlled organic crops that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. Respect for the environment is also achieved thanks to dyes with selected products, non-allergenic and in line with the strictest ecological standards. 


Since 1890 Iafil has been producing superior quality yarns, using the finest cottons in the world, alongside pure and precious fibers. Thanks to the conditions in which it is grown, full sun, high humidity and rainfall, Iafil cotton has long bristled fibers, soft and shiny, resistant to wear and peeling. Iafil silk is also selected with the utmost care, in order to obtain a fiber with a shiny, long, smooth and perfect thread, capable of producing excellent results when dyed.


Company that since the 80s has used its experience to choose the best cashmere fibers. Thanks to its artisanal imprint and the wool tradition of Biella, where the company is based, Cardiff allows us to have a superior quality cashmere, cared for in its treatments and processes by families who have handed down their knowledge for years. Cardiff chooses only the Chinese Inner Mongolia cashmere, the best found in nature, selecting fibers of the maximum length, to obtain greater resistance to pilling and higher dimensional stability even after several washes. 


We carefully checked that our suppliers had the certifications demonstrating their commitment to respecting the environment and their workers.



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