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Raised in an environment where sartorial precision and the search for beauty have always been in the family, Ilaria's passion stems from the strong bond with her grandmother Iside, whom as a child observed creating bespoke hand-woven knitwear. 

Ilaria has worked for more than 20 years in exclusive high fashion ateliers, designing and creating dresses in collaboration with well-known designers and with a magnificent team of professional seamstresses. 

Thanks to an innate ability to understand the tastes and needs of those in front of her and to her clinical eye always attentive to the smallest details, Ilaria is thus able to enhance the person's body by giving her that touch of uniqueness and elegance that makes the wearer feel special.

Many influential women from New York, Palm Beach, Gstaad and Monaco consider her their style expert.


The high quality Italian craftsmanship lives in Ilaria’s  creations, each product is durable over time both in style and quality.  By wearing these creations, you will feel unique, comfort and elegant, different from the others and you will enjoy yourself!



Ilaria is happily married to Domenico with whom she shares a passion for beauty and elegance.

A passion that gave birth to the idea of this exclusive brand, that combines Ilaria's experience in the highest quality handcrafted product and Domenico's experience in the communication sector, both in world-famous companies such as Ferrari and innovative startups of the Silicon Valley, such as Because Market.

Together with Ilaria he is innovating the exclusivity of Made in Italy through a careful search for quality materials and an obsessive attention to details that define its uniqueness.

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